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Why The Sky is Not Falling

The term Global Warming has always bothered me. Not because of what it means, but because of what some wish it meant. There are those who believe and promote the idea that human beings are the cause of Planet Earth getting a little warmer, as if this is a new thing. Then there are those who believe and acknowledge that the planet is indeed getting warmer, but human beings are not the cause. Contrary to claims, the debate between these two camps is not over and we, as human beings, should do all we can to examine the facts, and come to our own conclusion. Personally, I disagree with the doom-sayers that global warming is caused by humans and if we don't do something, we're in for a terrible time. I recently read a QA with economist Holly Fretwell. The entire session can be found here . I will post a few excerpts below: Q: What do you say is going on with climate change? A: We do see the Earth is warming. We are coming out of an ice age and we'd expect to see some warming.