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Public Option is a Trojan Horse

This quick video shows all the big Democrat players talking about the public option paving the way to an eventual single-payer system. President Obama told reporters that those claiming the public option was a Trojan horse for such were lying. Who's lying? You decide ( YouTube, 4m, 8s ):

Add to Your Browser

I've enabled adding to your browser's search bar if you use either Firefox or Internet Explorer. It's very simple. For Firefox, go to Once loaded, click the drop-down on the search bar (as seen below in the picture) and click "Add '". Done. For Internet Explorer (IE), go to Once loaded, click the drop-down on the search bar (as seen below in the first picture) and click "Add Search Providers" and then "". It will then ask you if you want to add it as a search provider (as seen below in the second picture). Click "Add Provider". Setting as your default is optional. Done. You're now set to use directly from your browser!

Introducing ""

I'm happy to announce the creation of my latest website, . I'm constantly going to Google and searching for things on specific sites that I've come to trust as valuable resources on liberty. I decided to create a one-stop search that is limited to just those resources. Check out and if you'd like, there's code on the right to put the search bar on your own site. Enjoy!

End The Fed Now

There's one reason why the dollar has lost 95% of it's value since 1913, the economy experiences booms and bubbles, and then busts, government has grown, liberty has been lost, and massive, on-going wars have been financed all over the world. That reason is central banking. In the United States, central banking is known as the Federal Reserve System. Ron Paul's latest book calls for the end of the Federal Reserve System. Here are a few excerpts from his chapters in " End the Fed " explaining why we must abolish the Federal Reserve: Why You Should Care "Everybody thinks about money and almost everybody wants more. We use money without thinking much about its nature and function. Few of us ask where it comes from, who controls it, why it has value, and why it loses value from time to time. In the same way, most people accept the Federal Reserve, the manager of the nation's money stock, as an indispensable institution that the United States cannot func

Current State of IP is a Joke

Whatever your feelings towards intellectual property (IP), I think it's obvious that IP law around the world, and especially the United States is in dire need of serious reform ( unlikely, says Stephan Kinsella ). Patent and copyright limits need to be reduced substantially, as well as what is and isn't patentable. From the the Against Monopoly blog comes this list of outrageous patents (click through for outrageous judgements too) : Amazon's "one-click" patent , asserted against rival Barnes & Noble Cendant's assertion that Amazon violated Cendant's patent monopoly on recommending books to customers ( since settled ) The attempt of Dustin Stamper, Bush's Top Economist, to secure a patent regarding an application for a System And Method For Multi-State Tax Analysis , which claims "a method, comprising: creating one or more alternate entity structures based on a base entity structure, the base entity structure comprising one or more entit

Small Self-Introduction

I recently wrote a self-introduction for the LDS Liberty discussion group I thought I'd share here (hyperlinks added): My interest in liberty and economics started through reading the weekly columns of economists Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell in my local paper (Deseret News). From there, I explored the world of economics and have fallen in love with the Austrian School . Understanding economics helped me see the consequences of bad public policy, usually passed under the best of intentions. I recommend everyone get a basic understanding of economics . As Ludwig von Mises , pioneer of the Austrian School, said, "A citizen who casts his ballot without having to the best of his abilities studied as much economics as he can fails in his civic duties." As well, Murray Rothbard , also a pioneer of the Austrian School, said "It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal s

In an Ideal America

Every person should be free to pursue his ambition to the full extent of his abilities, regardless of race or creed or family background. to associate with whom he pleases for any reason he pleases, even if someone else thinks it's a stupid reason. to worship God in his own way, even if it isn't "orthodox." to choose his own trade and to apply for any job he wants — and to quit his job if he doesn't like it or if he gets a better offer. to go into business for himself, be his own boss, and set his own hours of work — even if it's only three hours a week. to use his honestly acquired property or savings in his own way — spend it foolishly, invest it wisely, or even give it away. to offer his services or products for sale on his own terms, even if he loses money on the deal. to buy or not to buy any service or product offered for sale, even if the refusal displeases the seller. to disagree with any ot