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A Right To...

January 2019: I read this essay and added commentary for Episode 263 of the Everything Voluntary podcast . Because of America, the case for human rights achieved monumental proportions when it was penned in our Declaration of Independence, and with the ratification of the United States Constitution with it's first ten amendments, called the Bill of Rights. Can you name those rights? They are the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, petition, arms, the freedom against quartering soldiers and unreasonable searches or seizures, the right to due process of law, freedom from incriminating yourself and double jeopardy, right of a speedy and public trial and a trial by jury, and the freedom from excessive bail and cruel punishment. These are the rights specifically mentioned in the Constitution as a list of "thou shalt nots" to infringement from government. I am grateful for all of them. Unfortunately, to many, this list has grown to include "rights" such

Globalization is Good

Globalization is a good thing. Despite what those who protest it believe, globalization is the best way to end poverty throughout the world. To demonstrate that point, I want you all to watch a documentary by Johan Norberg called Globalization is Good . Johan Norberg is also the author of In Defense of Global Capitalism , a book on my recommended reading list. I have confidence it will educate you and change your mind if you are currently anti-globalization. To watch it via Google Video, click this link: Globalization is Good To download it as a Quicktime file (270mb), click here .