The Debate Continues

I've been involved in a small debate over at The introduction to my latest contribution:
Caleb Smitherson, Chris Brown and I have been involved in a debate of sorts regarding what the Book of Mormon says regarding tax and limited government. Caleb’s position is that God has authorized some coercive taxation and limited government. Chris Brown’s position is that Caleb Smitherson has misinterpreted his quoted Book of Mormon passages. This debate continues with Caleb Smitherson’s latest, found here.

My own views on using scripture to justify public (secular) government are laid out here. As well, a look at the libertarian principle of self-ownership by Caleb Smitherson is here, which kicked off this discussion (with my response). Whatever the merits of Caleb Smitherson’s And Chris Brown’s arguments, I leave those to them to refute. The purpose of this short article is to make a few corrections to Caleb Smitherson’s explanation of libertarianism and his interpretation of scripture regarding it. (Read the rest here.)


Anonymous said…
This is the most RIDICULOUS thing I have EVER heard, particularly your views on using the scriptures to discuss government. Have you not read the church's position on government in the Doctrine and Covenants? Clearly, governments are necessary, and even in the New Testament, Jesus Christ tells men to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. Whether you like it or not, governement and taxation has been endorsed by the Savior in some shape or form. This does not mean that all governments and methods of taxation are right. But surely you cannot be so ignorant as to have this view on government.