Questions on Intellectual Property

Stephen Kinsella posts a list of questions from a high school student seeking answers regarding the legitimacy of intellectual property "rights", as well as his answers. They provide a good introduction to the anti-IP position. These are the questions asked, click here for his answers:
  1. What would you say is the most powerful argument against copyrights and patents?
  2. What would you respond with to someone who argues that resources do not have to be finite or scarce in order to be allocated as property?
  3. How would you respond to Lysander Spooner’s argument that property is wealth that is owned, and wealth includes ideas since they can be manifested into tangible wealth?
  4. What about the argument that people own their minds, so they own the mental products?
  5. Some anti-IP people believe in a right to first sell. Would you say that the original creators should have a right to sell the creation first? Why or why not?
  6. What would you respond to someone who claims that if there were copies all around, the original inventor wouldn’t get as much profit as he should have?
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