Scrooge McDuck vs. Mr. Krabs

Times have certainly changed. I remember watching Duck Tales growing up and loved watching Scrooge McDuck swimming around in his silo of gold coins and precious stones:

However, kids these days have no clue what a gold coin is, or what it's worth. It's all about "the Benjamins" and Mr. Krab's paper fetish:

He even gets excited about worthless "copper" pennies. I think every cartoon that displays money uses the green variety. This is unfortunate. May we all teach our kids sound economics and the proper form of money!


Anonymous said…
I'd say that Mr. krabs is far greedier than Scrooge McDuck. Even other people know that.

Scrooge may love money. But at least, he has more standards than that crab.

SpongeBob's boss, on the other hand, is so freakin' greedy that he'll likely die willingly just to even a penny. Therefore, I hate him while I like McDuck. After all, Mr. krabs is a manipulative, selfish, and udnerhanded coward with the personality of a spoiled brat.
Agreed. Of course, such a character as Mr. Krabs would never survive in a market economy. He probably has a state-granted monopoly (a "patent") on hamburgers, or even on "fast-food", or maybe even broader, "restaurant". I only remember bars, never other restaurants. Hmm...
Anonymous said…
Phil knight + mr krabs=the same! Only difference is Mr krabs doesn't use child labor in other countries while Phil knight does but if he-krabs knew how much more money he'd get out of USING CL in Asia Mr. Krabs would fire his employees faster then a heart beat no wait even faster then the speed of LIGHT! At least Scrooge had a change of heart in the Christmas carol Mr krabs never changed ONCE! Only in Whale of a birthday and the episode when Mrs. Puff dated mr krabs was he okay with spending money! those were the old episodes in the new episodes the ONLY thing he loves is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$¢¢$$$$! I like the new episodes! Mr. krabs!
Anonymous said…
^Even though you're right about some of the things that you posted here, other Anonymous, how could you like the new episodes of Mr. Krabs? Can you still not see what a nasty and ruthless guy he is? If he's your boss, he'd go out of his way to enslave you until you're dead.

If you ask me, Mr. Krabs reminds me of my dad in these ways:

1. He once started as poor until he worked his way up to having lots of money but uses that as an excuse to be antagonistic. For example, he gives money to his old family instead of his new family, which is wrong for him to do. And so, he and my mom split up in the summer of 2010. Now, he lives in Asia while I live in North America.

2. He never paid me so much as a penny when I worked for him before 2011. Now, I no longer work for him. And I'm glad that I don't work for him anymore. Besides, who wants to labor for a criminal?

Now, onto you Skyler:

"I'd like to apologize for these mistakes:

1. spelling underhanded as 'udnerhanded'

2. forgetting to 'have' between 'to' and 'even'

I'm also sorry for how I used the word 'brat.' I should have replaced it with 'child' instead.

Anyway, I hope that you can forgive me."
Anonymous said…
Skyler, one other thing that I want apologize for is using the word "manipulative." I wasn't thinking right when I used that derogatory word.
Anonymous said…
Instead of putting "child" after spoiled, I should have put"kid" because I did read that using the term "spoiled child" is jsut as derogatory as using the term "spoiled brat."