American Conservatism

Lew Rockwell puts it beautifully,
"The problem with American conservatism is that it hates the left more than the state, loves the past more than liberty, feels a greater attachment to nationalism than to the idea of self-determination, believes brute force is the answer to all social problems, and thinks it is better to impose truth rather than risk losing one soul to heresy. It has never understood the idea of freedom as a self-ordering principle of society. It has never seen the state as the enemy of what conservatives purport to favor. It has always looked to presidential power as the saving grace of what is right and true about America."


Mom2mykids said…
As a conservative, I can't even begin to address all the things that are wrong here. Too bad that there isn't more civility on the part of those criticizing conservatives.
Nicholas Hooton said…
@Mom2mykids -- I honestly do not intend this to sound uncivil, but in my experience, it is typical of conservatives to become offended when they are criticized intelligently instead of attempting to refute the claims, just as you have done here. As far as I can tell, every statement made in this post represents an accurate description of modern American conservatism.

Since you "can't even begin" to address these assertions, do you think you could tackle at least one? I'm curious to see what you disagree with here. I ask out of curiosity, not hostility.