How Un-Free We Actually Are

Realizing that you can only consume what the state allows, only work where the state allows, only shop at businesses where the state allows, only trade for services that the state approves of, and only do with your property what the state allows, will go along way to helping you understand just how un-free you actually are. If we are ever to regain our liberties, society must view the state as the freedom black-hole that it is.


Anonymous said…
Then go to Russia or China you ungrateful whiner.
Should I be grateful to the state on the freedoms I do enjoy? As if they created them? *shiver* "Government is the negation of liberty." - Mises.
Nicholas Hooton said…
What a cute little argument by dismissal fallacy Anonymous used there. Not to mention that your post wasn't criticizing the U.S. but the institution of the State, and his response is to move to another State? Moron.