Does World Trade Need World Government?

There are two camps of opposition to globalization, or global capitalism. The first, on the left end of the political spectrum, worry about third-world exploitation. I have blogged about this here and here. The second, on the the right end of the spectrum, worry about ever more expansive world government. To the second group this post is directed. Writing for the Ludwig von Mises Institute, Llewellyn Rockwell answers the question "Does World Trade Need World Government?" An excerpt:
The case for free trade has been made for hundreds of years, and yet the fight for the right to buy and sell outside the borders is never ending. The situation is complicated by a major confusion that exists among free trade advocates. Many believe that world trade, because it is a good thing, ought to be sanctioned, managed, and otherwise regulated by the government or a coalition of governments. Thus was the intellectual error behind the creation of the World Trade Organization, an international bureaucracy that was supposed to open up trade but has ended up politicizing it and creating international conflict where none need exist.