Get Your Pork-filled Stimulus! IV

Anonymous made a short response to my last post:

I enjoy these exchanges as well. My only problem is, no matter what I or anyone else who disagrees with you says, we are always going to be wrong. I just have this feeling that if the economic stimulus plan was being presented by a conservative (though you will argue that would never happen), you would be praising the plan to high heaven.
You can be rest assurred that your feeling is counterfeit. As a libertarian, (which you may not have read enough of my blog to have picked up) I first and foremost ally myself with liberty. Whether from the left or the right is irrelevant. I am not a liberal (in the modern sense) and I am not a conservative when it comes to public policy. I am a libertarian. I am also a subscriber to the Austrian school of economics. This is my reason for opposing the simulus, as I opposed Bush's stimulus last year (though I wasn't full-time blogging then).

I view the rights to all freedoms, personal, economic, and political as inherent in humanity and extensions of my self-ownership. Generally, the left stand strong for personal freedoms such as doing what you want with your own body, and the right for economic freedoms. This is where the alliance with each side ends. Statism from the left and imperialism from the right are both gross violations of our freedoms. I am against these. For a better idea on what libertarian principles are, browse,,, or