Obama's First Press Conference II

I've received a comment made on the first post about Obama's press conference. It was made by Anonymous and reads:
Skyler, wow my friend, wow. That's all I have to say. A desire to see him fail. Just what we need from the citizens of our great nation. A desire to see the leader of the free world fail.
I'm not sure who left it but it doesn't matter, I'm happy to respond. What the person did was either misread or miscontrued what I said here:
But truly, although his plan is fundamentally flawed and won't work, I'll be happy to see it fail so that the world will see once again how futile socialistic attempts such as these really are, and we can return to creating real wealth via the free market.
Obviously, nowhere did I say that I wanted Obama to fail. What I said, as you can see, is that "I'll be happy to see it (refering to the plan) fail..." Clearly, what I meant is what I wrote, that I'll be happy to see Obama's stimulus package fail. And I will be. There's no question in my mind that it will. I believe it will and I believe it must. What I want is for Obama to succeed. But what Obama wants and what I want are obviously two different things. I would like Obama to abandon his stimulus package, cut taxes and spending substantially, and allow the market to adjust and resume. This stimulus package won't accomplish that.

What I hope it will accomplish, when it fails, is to serve as a lesson to those who believe the government can actually do anything (other than staying out of the way) to "jolt" the economy, as if it were a car battery, through printing money and deficit spending. It can't. The sooner we can correct our thinking, by learning and understanding the principles behind the reasons it will fail, the sooner we can all move forward, creating true wealth and progress.