Miracles of The Market III

Each of us should be grateful to the free-market for our livelihoods. Even those living on the public dole, be them government employees or welfare recipients, could not receive such without the state first extracting it from the market (inflationary finance excepting). It is because of the voluntary choices of others that each of us are able to fulfill our desires.

This I understand to be the true American dream. Take my job, for example. I work for a software company that has developed a system that helps entrepreneurs manage their motorcycle or RV dealerships. These dealerships exist because motorcycle and RV manufacturers need someone to sell their products. These products were developed because consumers wanted something recreational to ride, or something to make their vacations more comfortable. People engage in recreation and go on vacations because they have earned the means to do so by satisfying the wants of their fellow man.

Let's look at the inverse. People voluntarily satisfied their fellow man. In turn, they had the means to voluntary engage in recreation or go on vacation. Others, seeing an opportunity to satisfy their fellow man, produced motorcycles for recreation-ers and RVs for vacationers. Still others, sensing opportunity, voluntarily worked with these producers to get their products in front of the public. My company thus, voluntarily, designed a dealer management system to help these retailers efficiently run their business. And I voluntarily work for my company, and support it's customers, so that I may feed and house my family.

At which point in this process is government involvement necessary? Every person along the way acted voluntarily and to their own benefit. As such, they each had an interest in ensuring the best possible outcome towards the next step, namely; efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction. For if the customers, who are both consumers and producers, are not satisfied, they can voluntary remove their patronage. Those producers that are unable to satisfy their customers will lose money and disappear. Again, at which point in this process is government involvement necessary? It isn't, so long as everyone keeps "their mitts to themselves" and pursues their desires voluntarily. And because it is in everyone's best interest to do so through peaceful economic cooperation, we have yet another miracle of the market, our jobs.