Salt Lake City Tea Party II

We were brave today and despite mother nature, we protested the federal government. I don't know how effective protesting is, and I'm certainly not one to believe that protesting is the most efficient way of bringing about change, but I found value in going as it provided a receptive place for me to pass out literature on the Austrian school of economics. "Why Austrian Economics Matters" by the Mises Institute to be exact.

A friend and I bought 150 pamphlets and passed them out in about 15 minutes. They went like hot-cakes. Only one person, after asking what it was and I explained how the Austrian school has shown the Fed to be the main cause for the business cycle, decided he didn't like it and gave it back. Everyone else was reaching for it as I yelled out "Learn Austrian Economics!" and "Ron Paul is a student of the Austrian school of economics!". I only wish I had a thousand or two. But hopefully what I did have will encourage someone to study up on good economic theory. I also had a label on the back with the Mises Institute's website and this blog's address. Hope they visit! Here's the pictures of us freezing our buns off (yes, that's me holding the End the Fed sign with my eyes closed, not on purpose, but I'm sure you were distracted by my beautiful wife there to my left):

SLC Tea Party


Anonymous said…
So naive, so naive...that's all I can say.
I'm not surprised that's all you can say. ^_^.