Miracles of The Market I

I wanted to start a little series that I could post to regarding the over-looked, taken-for-granted miracles of the free-market that I (we) encounter in my everyday life. So here's my first post on this, coming after my trip to Michigan for business.

It's absolutely amazing to me that I can travel across the country and find waiting for me all of the things I enjoy back home. When I first arrived in Detroit, via a 3.5 hour miracle of a plane ride, I picked up my rental car and proceeded northwest. On the way, I started craving Wendy's. I knew there would be a Wendy's nearby and I knew that once inside, it would have the exact same look, feel, menu, and quality of food that I get in Salt Lake.

Truth be told, I was right. It was perfect, and all right there waiting for me. Similarly, later in the week I found a McDonald's, Burger King, IHOP, Panda Express, and Pizza Hut, all completely the same as I what I enjoy back home. This is certainly one of the greatest miracles of the market. That these companies, through providing a great product and great service, have been able to expand across the country and across the world. And because they each are in competition with the other, an area where one is built, another is sure to follow, thus providing me, and all of us, with options galore.