Miracles of The Market II

In my last post in this series, I talked about traveling across the country for business. That is not, however, the biggest part of my job. My primary responsibility is assisting users of my company's software when they get stuck and need help. Those users are motorcycle dealership employees, managers, and owners from all over North America.

The utilities that I have available to use are amazing. Even though these users are located all over the continent, and beyond, they are able to talk, in real-time, to me in a matter of minutes, and sometimes seconds. As amazing as that is, my support capabilities go even further. Without pre-installing any additional software, my users can give me remote access to their computers, and while talking with them on the phone, it is as if I'm sitting with them at their desk.

I literally can talk and control the computer of someone anywhere in the world. The furthest I've ever "traveled" in this regard is Hawaii. Everyday I help twenty to thirty users from the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and even Jamaica. And I am only one support technician on a team of over thirty. All of us talking and remotely controlling computers all around North America, helping motorcycle dealers run their business and keep their systems in order.

Having the software that we have developed is amazing enough when it comes to efficiently running a power-sports business, but to get the kind and quality of support that we offer that makes our dealers' lives easier, is nothing short of a miracle of the market.