My Kids Would Stay Home Too

Thinking about Obama's upcoming speech to school children, I too would keep my kids home, and here's why. I'm sure that what he's going to tell them regarding the importance of education I would agree with. But my problem with the speech isn't the message, it's the messenger.

When it comes to values, such as valuing education, the only people I want influencing my children, that is who I want my children looking up to, honoring, and learning from, are their parents, grand-parents, church leaders, and God. And that's it. I do not want them looking for value lessons from celebrities, lawyers, criminals, or politicians. Especially politicians who believe the government is the answer to everything, such as Barack Obama.

As a parent, it is my natural right to approve or disapprove of who my child looks up to. And if I have the ability to prevent someone who's values I disagree with from captivating my children, I will exercise it. Fortunately for me, my children are not yet school-aged.

UPDATE: I'm proud to report that my wife and I have decided to "unschool" our kids.