Call Me Mr. Radical Libertarian

July 2020: I read this essay and added commentary for Episode 331 of the Everything Voluntary podcast.

A few months ago, my Bishop, as part of an introduction of sorts to someone else, called me a "radical libertarian". Ever since then, I've put a lot of thought into that title, and have decided to completely embrace it. I've since added some flare to my website in that same vein (adding "anarcholibertarian" to my title image and an anarchocapitalist emblem I designed 2 years ago on the left panel). I've become very comfortable with these types of titles. In fact, I've started to wonder why more people don't wear their politics "on their sleeve", as it were. And I think I have an answer.

You see, unlike my "radical libertarian" politics, Democrats and Republicans rely on the coercive and violent power of the state. Their political philosophies depend on government force. Mine doesn't. The only way that Democrats can "spread the wealth around" is by picking up a gun and pointing it at the heads of the wealthy. The only way that Republicans can prohibit drugs and prostitution is by picking up a gun and pointing it at the heads of consenting adults. The modus operandi of Democrats and Republicans is picking up a gun and pointing it at someone's head in order to control them or take their money.

Every statist political philosophy from limited government Constitutionalists to totalitarian Socialists depend on pointing guns at those unwilling to play along with their schemes. Only the political philosophy that I adhere to, call it libertarian, voluntaryist, or anarchist, claims that this is immoral and unethical. You cannot point guns at people's heads in order to control them or take their money. It's wrong, PLAIN and SIMPLE.

For this reason, it's obvious why most people aren't open about their politics, why they don't wear their politics on their sleeve. They're ashamed of them. They know they rest on violence, and that doesn't sit well with their inner light, with their conscience. Pointing guns entails conflict, which is why they're silent about it. They don't want to contend with others, and face the consequences of their politics. Not everyone is mum about them. There are many outspoken liberals and conservatives. I think these are the ones that either don't know what their politics are based on, or don't care. They're either ignorant or okay with using violence and coercion as a means to an end. And that's what's wrong with the world today.


Anonymous said…
Right on the money. I've noticed that people are cowards of their own beliefs, much in the same way a poor money manager is typically scared to look into his bank balance.

I've learned that my beliefs (along Skyler's lines) don't make them anywhere near as uncomfortable as their own internal contradictions.
Anonymous said…
I think that more than this, they refuse to admit that their belief system entails violence. I've seen this many, many times. They don't agree that paying taxes = violence, or that making laws = violence. I find that position indefensible, but the mind contorts itself in strange ways to relieve discomfort...